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There are many hospitals in Washington DC that have proven the effectiveness of our services and this has allowed us to maintain a very stable and lasting business relationship, as we seek for our customers to reduce costs without losing the quality of service by ensuring that both workers and patients feel safe in their facilities. The cleaning of clinics and hospitals requires precise techniques, with specially trained personnel and products suitable for this process, so we carry out a permanent update and application of the latest techniques of hospital cleaning and disinfection. Additionally, we expand our portfolio of complementary services to offer solutions that provide reliable spaces and environments.

Nova Medical DC, has a well-recognized track record and is certified by the Department of Small and Local Business Development for having:

«Fulfilled the requirements to be considered a Certified Business Enterprise (CBE). A CBE is a business that is headquartered in the District of Columbia and meets all Local Business Enterprise (LBE) requirements. Businesses with CBE certification receive preference in procurement and contracting opportunities. Pursuant to 2-218.63 this
certification can be revoked if a business is found to have violated the laws that govern the CBE program».

We are grateful for the trust and support that different hospitals have placed in our work over the years and we will continue to improve and implement tools that benefit our clients.

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To exceed our customers expectations and partner with healthcare facilities to help extend the life of their surgical instruments and medical equipment via our low-cost repairs and ancillary services.